How Pardee uses funds

Click here for use of 2023 funds.


2022 Funds were used to purchase Contrast Enhanced Mammography Software

(Requested by Radiology Department and Dr. Jennifer McCallister)

Cost of Software: $71,250 (We donated $64,000.18 towards this item.)

The I-View Contrast Enhanced Mammography (CEM) software is an emerging modality that combines our conventional breast mammography technology with a contrast enhanced image of the patient to improve cancer detection.

These enhanced images provide greater detail when necessary to help the care team diagnose potential problems. This technique of CEM has comparable performance to breast MRI and can be used as an alternative if there are physical limitations due to patient anxiety or size, implanted devices or financial burden.

 Left: Standard 3-D Image

Right:  I-View Contrast Enhanced Mammography Image

2019 & 2020 & 2021 Funds were used to kick off their $1 million plus campaign for a portable cancer screening vehicle.

Pardee has identified certain geographic areas that have a high rate of Stage 4 Breast Cancer.

  • Since early detection depends on education, availability and the funds to make it happen, certain populations don’t get treated early enough.
  • In order to reach them, Pardee is planning to establish a bus that will go into these areas and offer free exams. 
  • Implementing this project was delayed due to COVID-19, but the bus was launched in May, 2023.

    2018 Funds were used to upgrade blood compounding in the Cancer Center Infusion Pharmacy.

    This year the funds we raise will advance the technology available to the cancer center pharmacy where infusions are prepared. Currently the lab uses a manual process called volumetric compounding. The new system, BD CATO, would integrate software with hardware.

    This system, called gravimetric compounding reduces human errors, such as selection of the wrong medication concentration, problems with packaging and names that are similar and various other conditions that lead to mistakes.

    Pardee Oncology Infusion Pharmacy will be the first pharmacy in the WNC region to utilize a gravimetric compounding software for compounding sterile hazardous medications.

    This program costs $42,948 annually. A 60 month contract is $217,740.

    Our 2018 Kenmure Fights Cancer donation will go toward startup of this program. The hospital will add the necessary startup funds and will be responsible for funding it in the future. 

    If you love techno stuff and have Power Point © installed on your computer, click here to see the full presentation prepared by Robyn Bryson, Pardee Oncology Infusion Pharmacy Manager. (Hopefully this will work - but no promises!)

    Click here to view how funds were used in previous years.

    2017 Funds were used or additional equipment for the Radiation Department and to place the Kenmure Fights Cancer name on a second exam room.

    Our funds are designated for equipment and technology in the realm of patient care. Sometimes that takes us to a world unknown to the average layperson. 

    (1) Pardee will use our funds for equipment that will assist with Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT). According to the Radiosurgery Society, this treatment “delivers a very high dose of radiation to relatively small extracranial tumors in a single or several large fractions” and requires “precise positioning and targeting.”

    “The Body Pro-Lok™ system provides an easy-to-use modular system for complex SBRT setups. These modular components are indexable to allow for reproducible setup day to day, including bridges, respiratory plate and belt options to help control patient breathing.” http://civcort.com/ro/Stereotactic-Body-Radiation-Therapy/Body-Pro-Lok-Platform-System/Body-Pro-Lok-System-for-SBRT.htm

    Cost of this system is $25,000.

    (2) The Radiation Oncology Inpatient Exam Room will be named for Kenmure Fights Cancer and carry the message "Because we care."

    2016 Funds were used to fund purchases for the new Comprehensive Cancer Center (see below).
    • (2) beds for infusion patients who are too weak to spend several hours in a sitting position. The beds are $6,945 each.
    • The balance of our funds will go toward one of the three the Nurse Call systems to be installed.

    2015 Funds were allocated to the Pardee Hospital Capital Campaign for the Comprehensive Cancer Center building.

    • $15,000 to be used to defray the construction costs of an Examination Room that will carry the Kenmure Fights Cancer name. Any additional funds to help fund equipment for the room.
    • Click here to see a progress report on the construction of this building.
    Nasoscope and software

    In 2013, Kenmure Fights Cancer gifts [were] used to purchase
    a high-definition, flexible video nasoscope. Nasoscopes are used to examine the nasal passages and voice box to evaluate for cancers and follow up after treatment.
    "This device has the added capability of recording high-definition still or video images to share with patients and other medical personnel." Pardee Blog

    , Dec. 6, 2013.#@#_WA_-_CURSOR_-_POINT_#@#

    Funds raised in 2014 went toward purchasing additional software for the nasocope.

    Previously, patients needed to travel elsewhere for these services. Having them at Pardee provides better treatment plans and therapy here in Henderson County.

    The Pardee Blog reported on Dec 6, 2013:

    "With the help of Kenmure Fights Cancer, in recent years, Pardee has been able to
    • "Upgrade digital mammography equipment to state-of-the-art at the Elizabeth Reilly Breast Center (see video below),
    • "Purchase patient tracking software for the cancer center,
    • "Purchase blanket warmers which add to the comfort of patients daily."

    Kenmure Fights Cancer, c/o Susan Bush, 2024 President, 328 Kenmure Drive, Flat Rock, NC 28731

    Contact: Cell (828) 243-7249 or susan@libertymanuals.com

    Kenmure Fights Cancer has both Donor-Advised and Designated Funds with the Community Foundation of Henderson County.

    Website: www.cfhcforever.org                  Contact: (828) 697-6224

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